September 29, 2014 • • •  Autumn

I rarely wear my hair curled anymore – partially because I am extra lazy and the flat iron is so much easier, but mostly because I have these awful layers in my hair that make it really awkward. Thankfully my hair is starting to grow AND I found the best curling wand at Ulta! Usually

September 24, 2014 • • •  Fashion

It’s clear our style evolves over time.  It’s why when we scroll back through old photos on our Facebook we cringe at the choices we made in 2007 or laugh at what our mom wore in the 80s. One pretty cool thing about blogging is that I have been able to see the vast majority

September 23, 2014 • • •  Fashion

Hello and Happy Tuesday! We’re continuing with our #GresselsGoEuro series, but today I decided to combine days 2 & 3 because a) they are both floral looks, so why not? And b) I am moving so slow to post these dang things that if I don’t start combining days I will be posting Euro photos

September 22, 2014 • • •  Fashion

I was recently invited to test out the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume, and I have to tell you I was SO excited! Testing out the new Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs perfume is extra special for me, because the original Daisy was actually the fragrance my mom gifted me before I left for college. What I

September 17, 2014 • • •  Fashion

Last week I brought you the first ever post in my series “Blogger Love” with Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes. For week 2 I am thrilled to bring you Nichole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract! Nichole makes the perfect girl for round two, because let me tell you – Nichole is an all around incredible girl. I first