April 25, 2016 • • •  Baby + Motherhood

Recently one night as Amit and I got ready for bed we were talking about life. I was flipping through my phone, oohing and ahhing at how cute Summer was. I usually look at photos from that day before bed, soaking up my last few moments of Summer before falling asleep, but I also often

April 20, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Happy Hump Day everyone! Now that Amit is back from being out of town I am going to do my best to hustle hustle hustle at taking photos of my daily outfits. I miss keeping up with the blog in a more meaningful way – sharing outfits and life updates. I am so smitten right

April 18, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Life has been crazy so it’s been a lot longer than I like to leave things. My goal is to update multiple times a week – I love sharing my outfits, my funny mommy moments, or sometimes sharing the hard stuff – so being MIA has made me frustrated. These past few weeks have been

March 31, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Hey guys, super quick post today! As we head into wedding season I am so excited to continue sharing some of my wedding looks. This was from a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Beverly Hills I went to. I snapped these before heading to the wedding so I could be camera free, but WOW was it gorgeous!

March 28, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Happy Monday, mamas! Long time, no post. Allow me to fill you in… I sit here typing as I pump. Lactation cookie in front of me alongside coffee, Mother’s Milk Tea, large water, and a coconut water too. I’ve popped more Fenugreek than I’d care to share. And…well guys…frankly, I am not sure today’s #MommyMonday