July 29, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Does anyone else “shop” their own closets? Search through heaps of old clothes in search of forgotten gems? That’s this outfit. When I was pregnant I packed away everything that couldn’t be worn and these past few weeks I have brought those items back out and oh man…there have been some serious scores! Similar and

July 27, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Right before Summer was born I started to get really nervous about what my life would look like once she was here. I pictured myself as a frantic lady in sweats and a messy bun eating cup of noodles with big bags under her eyes. I started scoping the internet for every nursing friendly tank,

July 23, 2015 • • •  Fashion
July 20, 2015 • • •  Fashion

There is just so much I love about summer (obviously, I named my kid after it!). The weather, the feeling, the activity, the optimism it seems to give people. I just love everything about it. A few of my favorite little tid bits in summer are on full display here; flowy white dresses which are

July 14, 2015 • • •  Fashion

The Bay Area is full of microclimates. If you visit San Francisco this time of year you are more than likely going to be quite cold, but head just a smidge south to the little towns in the Peninsula and it’s a whole other  story! It’s be quite hot over here, so somedays I just