July 1, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Ahhh, we are coming up on my FAVORITE holiday! To celebrate Summer and I are wearing red white and blue all week long. It’s been super hot in the south bay, but when we head into the city it’s a tad cooler so I threw on a sweater (don’t worry, Summer got swaddled too!). So

June 25, 2015 • • •  Fashion

I have been lusting after a boated hat like this for YEARS and I finally found just what I was looking for from…you guessed it…Forever 21. I wanna quit F21 so bad and “grow up” but alas…I cannot. Also can I just say how stinkin’ happy I am fanny packs are back? I have been

June 22, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Gressel and I had a really fun weekend – this past Saturday we got to celebrated two of our favorite people get engaged! It’s so exciting to see our group of college friends starting to get engaged and married and I can’t wait to shake our booties at several weddings next summer. It was also

June 17, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Woooooosh what a week! Finally getting a chance to sit down and get in a quick post. I have a trenta iced tea in hand, the weather is GORGEOUS, and I have the sound of a babbling brooke guiding me through my work day…just…the babbling brooke is from the white noise machine keeping Summer asleep.

June 10, 2015 • • •  Fashion

Back at ya with another post baby bump outfit! You might notice all the photos we’ve taken lately are me, Kosh, and the little one on a walk. That’s because that’s kind of all I can do these days! The hardest part of mommyhood so far actually hasn’t been Summer herself, it’s been how much