2017! New Outfits, New Ideas, New Community!








Happy New Year everyone, I am excited to share my first outfit post of 2017! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I announced some really exciting new changes to the blog.

First, as a mom (and someone who no longer works out of an office) my style has really changed over the last year and a half. In 2015 before becoming a mom I was in an office all day during the week and shooting blog photos all weekend – I wore heels, expensive bags, and the latest fast fashion trends. When I shopped I didn’t think about owning pieces forever, I thought about what fit my very limited budget and what made me feel stylish in the moment. Fast forward to now and that just doesn’t make sense for me anymore. I still love fashion (maybe more than ever!) I love trends, I love feeling pulled together…but fast fashion and sky high heels rarely make sense in my day to day. Last year in 2016 I found myself updating the blog very little because my old outfits just weren’t what I was wearing anymore. I wasn’t sure if you guys would be that excited to see more realistic mama outfits. But after talking to many of you I have found a lot of you are making similar style evolutions. Like me you are looking for quality classic pieces rather than Forever 21 trendy pieces you can buy in bulk. So what I am hoping for this year is to gravitate towards a more capsule like wardrobe. You’ll see a lot of the same pieces from my closet over and over again styled in as many ways as I can. I’ll also work on posts that talk about clearing out your closet and making way for an easier, mire stylish wardrobe.

Second (and more excitingly) I have added a whole new component to The Quintessentials – Quintessential Mamas Facebook Group. The group is so exciting for me because one thing I always wanted was to grow The Quintessentials into more of a community where we could all chat and talk together. So in 2017 I finally took the plunge and I am so excited to have a space where we can all chat. There are a ton of mom groups on Facebook, so what makes this one different? Rather than focusing on babies and their needs, we’re really more focused on motherhood and self care. The idea is to create a space where we can talk about fashion, beauty, workouts, and things that make us feel our best as mamas! A little online oasis for mamas. If you haven’t already, definitely come join the Facebook group!

Today’s outfit was shot by Gina Vallarino Maya (also a member of the Facebook group!). This outfit is pretty typical of a comfy toddler chasing outfit for me these days, but still makes me feel pulled together! All the details on how to shop the look below. The flat booties are brand new and I am smitten over them. Prepare to see way more of these Free People Royales.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I love this idea so much! It can be overwhelming looking at people at IG who seem to never even wear the same thing twice. It can make me feel like I need a huge wardrobe so I can mix it up, but a capsule wardrobe restyled different ways makes so much more sense.

    Also adding “get to join Quintessential Mamas fb group” to reasons I need a baby 😉

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