30 weeks






Happy Monday, mamacitas! I thought I’d do a pregnancy check in, I haven’t been updating on it as much this time and we’re running out of time! I am a bit over 30 weeks and I am feeling. so. done. This pregnancy has been a lot more challenging than my first. My first pregnancy was a dream, I had tons of energy, worked out a ton, only craved healthy things…I am rolling my eyes at that me. I was so smug, I thought pregnancy was easy. This time I am sore 24 hours a day, tired always, and craving JUNK. I am so thankful to be pregnant, so excited to meet this girl, but also definitely realizing every pregnancy is truly different!

This dress is a favorite from summertime, but it’s still warm here so I am getting some more mileagle. I added a cozy sweater, my favorite Free People flats and took Sum out for a stroll. All details below!

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  1. You look amazing, I love that dress so much!

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