35 weeks and counting!

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Up until now I really haven’t been one of those crazy pregnant girl clichés (at least not to my knowledge!). I hadn’t been having those crazy mood swings that turn you into a lunatic — I mean yes, I do get misty-eyed at commercials, but I wasn’t a mood swinging maniac until…uh…yesterday. Yesterday was a low point. We went to Trader Joe’s…not to grocery shop (no no, I didn’t feel like actually getting groceries despite the very empty fridge), but because I insisted our house felt sad and cold without flowers. We get the flowers, get in line, and Gressel seeing a sad look on my face asks what’s wrong. I shook my head and peeped “Nothin'”, but I must have been visibly upset because even the checkout girl wasn’t buying it. As soon as we exit the store I burst into tiny tears. “WHAT is happening?” he asked. “I couldn’t bend down to reach the dark chocolate bars. I tried and I literally couldn’t bend like that…and I really want some dark chocolate.” I said. As I said it I realized how stupid I sounded, I knew this wasn’t a real problem. Yet…there I was in the Trader Joe’s parking lot crying, and I knew this was all hormones, not logic. And then I cried more knowing that. I have never felt so ridiculous. Luckily Gressel is a magical husband and later came back with FIVE different dark chocolate bars. “I had no idea which one you’d want so…here’s all of them…” Not sure if he was acting out of kindness, or fear…but I loved it none the less 🙂

Also let’s talk about wide leg pants. These babies stretch, they look like legit pants (I also have a solid black pair I wear to work) and they are very forgiving of my 8 months pregnant belly. Honestly, pregnant or not, these cozy but presentable types of pants are something I really think every girl needs in her closet. For those days we want to feel like we’re headed to yoga class (aka the couch with some popcorn), but need to look like we take life a little more seriously than a Netflix marathon. Nothing is better I tell ya! 🙂

Lots of similar styles below!

7 responses to “35 weeks and counting!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    awwwww what a sweet story and lol @ not sure if he was acting out of kindness…or fear

    • Megan Quint Gressel says:

      I often wonder if his kindness is just really well masked fear of me and my whack-ass-ness, but I love it none the less! 😛

  2. Michelle says:

    Are the pants you are wearing maternity? I would love to buy them!

    • Megan Quint Gressel says:

      They aren’t maternity, but they are so stretchy and amazing I actually like them BETTER than my maternity pants!

  3. Pregnancy hormones are the worst! Sounds like your hubby handled it like a pro:) And you look fab, you’re ALL belly!


  4. […] Wide Legs or Stretch Trousers – My next fashion post actually features wide leg (I am excited!), and here’s the deal — they are perfect. You’ll want super stretchy ones, but here is why they are so great – 1) they can be work to work with a nice wedge or pointed flat 3) they can be dressed down with a t-shirt and boho sandals  3) they feel like yoga pants and 4) did I mention they feel like yoga pants? Tons of favorites in this post from earlier this week… […]

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