About Megan


Well hi there! My name is Mrs. Megan Quint Gressel, “Quint” for short.

I am one-part sweatpants, two-parts sequins.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a little city called El Cerrito, where I always felt out of place. Until I met Gressel, who felt out of place too. So we graduated high school packed our bags and headed south for Los Angeles.

That’s where we discovered it all. I fell in love with fashion & beauty and interned anywhere I could – from fashion showrooms to movie studios to Allure Magazine. Life was grand. Until I graduated from UCLA in 2010 and realized the real world was no internship…

Bored and unsatisfied I started The Quintessentials as a way to create, express, and just let my freak flag fly. Through it I realized how much magic is in the details around us. Everything started to feel like it had potential again; I just needed a place for a little imagination…

Now one wedding, a baby girl, a shelter puppy, hundreds of spicy tuna rolls, countless nights roaming the streets of Santa Monica, 1567 soy lattes and 394.2 miles later and we’re back in the bay where we started it all. Only now we have the knowledge that what makes us quintessentially us isn’t the town or fitting in – it’s being comfortable enough to just be ourselves!

I write and share whatever is floatin’ my boat that day, but hope you’ll dig it too! If you ever have a comment, a question, an idea you wanna share, just reach out!

Email: meganquint@gmail.com