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Summer hugs. There. Is. Nothing. Better. This girl will run up to me and just collapse into my arms. There is nothing I have never experienced anything in my life quite like that. For a wile I felt sad because so many of the yummy moments from those newborn/infant days have ended. We no longer nurse, I rarely get those baby-asleep-on-you moments, and Sum is just not a cuddler… but GAHHHH the “mama!!!!” followed by a big hug…that just takes the cake.

On another note…it is getting really hot here in LA — meaning while many of you in other parts of the country are getting ready to pull out your fall pieces, I am just diving into shorts season over here. It’s easy to fall into my typical LA-mama-uniform, which for me is cutoffs and a cute tee and always a big pair of sunglasses (especially if I am skipping makeup). But to make things feel a little more fun, I have been into adding a cute kimono and a pretty pair of flats. Kimonos are light and easy to wear, they hide a big lunch, and they make me feel just a little more pre-baby Megan (aka like I well rested, productive, pulled together human being). I may rarely have an occasion to wear my heels, but I still wanna feel cute!

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  1. Lilly says:

    So cute!! Where did you get the kimono you are wearing in your pics??

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