January 24, 2014 • • •  Food & Drink  • Lifestyle

Happy Friday! I don’t know if you could tell from some of my recent posts, but… I really miss LA. Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco has its charm, great weather, fun food, friendly people, but we just don’t have that chemistry that I have with Los Angeles. I feel like if you could have

January 15, 2014 • • •  Fitness  • Food & Drink  • Lifestyle

Whoop whoop, we’re half way through the week! Last week I shared my fave salty and savory low calorie snacks so this week I thought we’d talk about a personal fave…sweets! There are so many yummy ways to curb a sweet tooth craving, here are a few of my all time favorites…

January 8, 2014 • • •  Fitness  • Food & Drink  • Health  • Lifestyle

At the start of each month I like to share my workout playlist. It’s good for me to switch up my music, but sharing it with others also helps me feel like I am being held accountable for my workouts. This month I am mixing up my workouts each week with spin, barre, pilates, and Tone

January 5, 2014 • • •  Food & Drink  • Health

I don’t usually post on weekends, but I have been perfecting my recipe for skinny protein pancakes and I just had to share with you all in time for Sunday brunch! Gressel and I practically live for Sunday brunch. With the big move from LA to the Bay funds are tight, pants are tight, and

January 2, 2014 • • •  Fitness  • Food & Drink  • Health  • Lifestyle

Happy new year, guys! I am never sure if I totally love the idea of new year’s resolutions, but I definitely love setting goals and hitting the reset button any time of year. And since I have a lot of cookies and cocktails to work off, the reset button is sounding pretty darn perfect right