September 30, 2015 • • •  Baby + Motherhood  • decor  • Lifestyle

Happy Hump Day! Since we moved I have been decorating room by room, taking it slow and finding just the right piece for each space and purpose. First on the list was Summy’s room. She had the darkest little room in our old place in an awkward little corner of our home. It didn’t feel

March 12, 2014 • • •  Fitness  • Lifestyle
ballerina workout

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re getting a little sneak peek of beach weather here in the Bay Area and it is a big fat reminder to start getting my butt in gear! I am always a big fan of working out and eating right, but with the rain and gloom I was certainly doing more slacking

February 26, 2014 • • •  Fashion  • Fitness  • Health  • Lifestyle
best gym clothes for everyworkout

I’m always on the lookout for workout motivation (most nights I would much rather drink a giant glass of wine than hit the gym), so I need all the motivation I can get. Besides reminding myself I always feel better after a workout, having cute gear always helps. For gym days I love comfy tanks

February 11, 2014 • • •  Food & Drink  • holiday  • Inspiration  • Lifestyle  • Marriage

We are just days aways from Valentine’s Day and this year (like many years) I am sensing a lot of negativity towards the holiday. Single friends, married friends, somewhere-in-between friends all seem united in turning their backs on the mushiest day of the year. Before we all shy away from the candy and cards, can

January 24, 2014 • • •  Food & Drink  • Lifestyle

Happy Friday! I don’t know if you could tell from some of my recent posts, but… I really miss LA. Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco has its charm, great weather, fun food, friendly people, but we just don’t have that chemistry that I have with Los Angeles. I feel like if you could have