finding nemo

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23 weeks deep, y’all! These photos and this outfit aren’t totally capturing just how big I have gotten. I’m still feeling really good, but most of my pants are pretty darn uncomfy at this point (you may be seeing this particular pair a lot because they are one of the few that still fit comfortably) and aside from these I am officially transitioning into maternity jeans. I love them. I don’t get why I hear so many girls say they want to avoid maternity clothes. They are so comfortable…so so so comfortable, and so much more flattering than just sizing up. I have found Asos has some great pieces, so I look forward to sharing those soon! Speaking of Asos…these heels, you guys. I love them so. I have been calling them my Finding-Nemo-Goes-Couture heels 😛

Nordstrom Top | Forever 21 Skinny Jeans (similar from Nordstrom here) | Asos Heels | Nasty Gal Boat Hat | Prada Bag

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