getting baked in san francisco



It’s another chapter of mat leave adventures! Last Friday with no signs of baby we head into the city to try Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Practically all my SF friends had some cute Facebook or Instagram post about their cruffin adventures — to get one you have to get in line at 8:30 am. It’s all pretty silly, but knowing in just a few days or weeks I wouldn’t have time for this sort of tom-foolery, Gressel and I decided to go (we also Snapchat about the whole thing…are you following yet? Username: MeganQuint). We felt really stupid standing in line amongst the tourists. A group of middle-aged tourists stood behind us and a young backpacker traveling the world stood in front of us, along with dozens of other tourists we wouldn’t meet. The folks behind us were very friendly and told us they were from Wisconsin and had heard about the bakery and their famous muffin + croissant hybrid on the “news radio”. It was adorable, but only made us feel stupider and more out of place for dragging our local asses out of bed at 7 am on a Friday when this was probably one of the last rare occasions in life we have the luxury to sleep in. But…by 9:30 am we had cruffins in hand along with 2 donuts, a scone, and a famous Ferrero Rocher Bomb. We snapped the photos above on a graffiti lined wall where we met two homeless ladies who requested to rub my belly and then planted ourselves in Lafayette park. We ate our damn delicious cruffins (fine…worth the wait!) and donuts and played with pug dogs who wanted our crumbs. For those few hours I forgot I was anxiously awaiting the biggest change of my life and just enjoyed one of the last few moments of silly us time.

…and for those of you that come for outfits, not my ramblings – exact and similar outfit details are linked below!

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