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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Excited to share this easy breezy little dress with you guys today because it is so affordable, so comfy, and pretyy much perfect for these final few hot moments of summer (unless you’re like me and live in SoCal…we still have months of this heat!) The dress, shoes and bag all together are under $100 so a major score in my book! Also I bought these shoes on a whim and I am so glad I did. They are shockingly very padded and comfortable and I was able to go one several long walks pushing the stroller, walking the dog and balancing my coffee. Great mama bear sandals and very cute. I also wore them with distressed white denim jeans and loved how they looked with pants as well. PLUS they are on major sale 😉

Also can we take a moment to discuss how giant my Summer is getting? She looks like a full fledged kid in these pics!

All outfit details below…

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