Happy hump day! Checking in quickly with another capsule style wardrobe – wearing these Royale Flats again, they’re the softest, comfiest, boot flats I have ever worn. I have been mixing and matching them with everything. As I am moving to a more capsule style wardrobe I thought it might be cool to create a “virtual closet” where you would click on at item (like these boots, or this bag) and you’d be able to see all the ways they’ve been worn and styled. Would that be interesting for you girls that are also trying to be more “capsule” like? Let me know and I’ll get to creating it!

All outfit details below.

2 responses to “hmmmm”

  1. I love that idea of a “virtual closet”! Your style is so cute and, as someone who also works from home and has always been more casual, it’s super appealing to me.

  2. Lis says:

    I miss your blog entries! Hope to read some soon 🙂

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