How to Have The Most Fabulous Valentine’s Day

fabulous valentines day ideas

We are just days aways from Valentine’s Day and this year (like many years) I am sensing a lot of negativity towards the holiday. Single friends, married friends, somewhere-in-between friends all seem united in turning their backs on the mushiest day of the year. Before we all shy away from the candy and cards, can we just stop and reconsider for a sec? Let’s stop thinking of Valentine’s Day as a day to receive love from others and start thinking of it as a day to give some much needed love to yourself and those around you. I think a day centered on love is a good day to stop and think about the things we appreciate in our daily routines, in others, and most importantly in ourselves (how often do we forget that?) No matter what the holiday is, I never want to miss an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a treat or two — so single, married, or something more complicated, here are a few small ways to make the day feel more filled with love…

send a text

Send a Text
Part of this holiday is about giving others the warm and fuzzy feelings you yourself want to feel. Why not start the day by reminding those around you that you appreciate them? It takes no effort at all, yet I know reminding my mom I love her (and sending her cute emojis) will totally make her day. 

large-4Chocolate & Coffee

Ok, if you know me personally or have been reading the blog for a while, you know I think a latte and a croissant cure everything. Why? Because it’s something small I can do to give myself a little love. Whatever it is that makes your morning feel special (ahem, heyyyy breakfast sandwich!) start your day with that. Waking up with something small to look forward to is a nice way to set the tone for the day.

thisisglamorous-on-instagram-3Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers

Valentine’s Day or not, a quick way to make myself smile is a bundle of fresh flowers. I love having a beautifully scented bouquet on my desk to brighten things up while I work. I mean really, try to be sad with fresh blooms staring at you. I’d never wait for a boy to buy them for me when Trader Joe’s has pretty pink roses for under $5. Bring the brightness to yourself!large-6Fresh Manicure

Maybe it’s just me, but a fresh unchipped manicure makes me feel brand new. For this holiday (and this dreary weather) opt for a color that brightens the mood like hot pink or a muted blush tone (above is Essie’s Fiji). Or be a v-day hater and do a shiny black…whatever it is that perks you up, I love!il_570xN.413754193_kacc

Give a Card

I mentioned a text above, but let’s not forget snail mail. Something about taking the time to put pen to paper and drop it off at a mailbox just feels so good. If you don’t have time to pick one up, bust out the crayons and make something personal for someone that needs a pick-me-up.


Working out always makes us feel better. We drag our feet to go on a run or make it to spin, but when was the last time you wrapped up a workout and said “Wish I’d skipped that…” Never, right? Take a moment to give yourself the ultimate “I love you” and take care of yourself. If there is a class you’ve been meaning to try, treat yourself! 

puppy lovePuppy Love

Nothing in the world makes me happier than the love Koshy provides. Before I had a dog I used to visit shelters and just hold the dogs and give them love. I dare you to visit a local rescue and not feel a little more loved while playing with a dog in need. 

What do you think? How will you celebrate? Be sure to tell me in the comments below!


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