#MommyMonday: from baby’s nursery to toddler play space

Morning everyone! I spent a ton of time this past week cleaning out every nook and cranny of Summer’s room. I went through every box, every item of clothing, every drawer. It was oddly emotional as I packed up outgrown clothes and lent out toys to friends with fresh new babies. I feel like I was just discovering I was pregnant and now somehow I have a toddler who sings along to Maroon 5 with me. How?!

Since it seemed like there was some interest I thought I would share some preliminary photos of the new space. Still lots to clear out, shelves to hang, and we’ll need a real big kid toddler bed soon! Here’s what we’re working with so far…dsc_0345

Table and Chairs



Flamingo & Ostrich

Kitchen (mid remodel!)




Baby Doll (Handmade!)


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