#MommyMonday: Resolutions for a New Year of Motherhood

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I’ve been a little MIA from the blog and Instagram and that hasn’t been a total accident (although I have been more absent than I planned). Summer turned 1 last month and since then I have been making a conscious effort to take a step back from the blog and social media (to a degree, I’ve still been snapping as often as ever and sharing a little here and there on Instagram). The reason is that I LOVE New Year’s resolutions. I love makings lists and setting goals, so for Summer’s first birthday I decided to make “Mommy Resolutions” — things I want to improve on and work on in this second year of motherhood. One of my resolutions was to try and spend more time being present (aka put. the. damn. iPhone. DOWN.) After spending the last month really thinking about my resolutions and spending time being present…here’s what I have come up with, my “Mommy Resolutions” if you will. I haven’t perfected any of them, but just working on them has made me feel so good these past few weeks!

Resolution 1: Be Present, Spend Less Time on Social Media

Your phone can feel like a window to the outside world, especially if (like me) you spend a lot of time at home with a kid. But that window can also keep you from being in the moment. One day I noticed I was so busy reading articles, answering emails, paying bills, making grocery lists and snapchatting on my phone that I wasn’t really present in what Summer was doing at all. The whole reason I decided to stay home was to watch her grow up, so I don’t want to let that slip away from me. I noticed that it was such a slippery slope — we’d be playing and I’d notice something weird like a rash or something and I’d reach for my phone and google it. Or something funny would happen and I’d stop and text my husband about it. Or I’d notice we were out of wipes so I’d grab my phone and head to the Amazon app. The intentions were always good, but inevitably would lead me down a rabbit hole and the next thing you know I am on Facebook watching puppy videos my aunt posted.

Resolution 2: Don’t Lose Myself to Motherhood — Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

Ugh guys I was letting this one get me way down. For a while I had been so good about pulling myself together and working out. But these last two months have been nutty. Life has been so busy lately — I work part time, Amit works full time and then some, we’re raising a kid and we have about 87 weddings and bachelor parties this Summer (ok, maybe not quite 87) and we don’t have any family around to help out when we’re feeling overwhelmed. I felt like I was moving non stop to keep up with working, Summy, the house, the dog, and suddenly I realized I had let a lot of the things that make me feel like ME slip away. I had completely stopped getting dressed (hey workout clothes!), I’d stopped doing my makeup or hair, I’d stopped meeting up with my pre-baby friends, I had stopped updating the blog entirely, and while I’ve been teaching a lot of workout classes I hadn’t been taking very many. I kept cutting things out to make room for keeping up with the house and family obligations. So this past week I went out and restocked my makeup, got a few easy new pieces, and decided to make a plan to remember myself in all this. My goal is to…

  • a) Get up early — I’ve used Summer as my alarm clock for over a year. But ya know what would be better? Getting up an hour before her to enjoy my coffee and answer emails — which currently take me more time than I’d like to admit to respond to.
  • b) Dress up — Ya know what else I want to do with that time? Do my hair and makeup and wear an outfit other than workout clothes — not because I think we as women should feel obligated to stick to any specific beauty standards, but because it makes me feel like me and that’s damn important.
  • c) Show up — I want to do the things that feel good for me — that means working out, that means seeing the friends I had before kids, that might even mean reading a non parenting related book. WOAH.

Resolution 3: Get Some Sleep

Summer sleeps through the night, why am I up until midnight every night? From now on I am brewing chamomile tea and getting in bed by 9:30

Resolution 4: Go on Adventures

Something I really loved when I was a kid was exploring new places with my mom. I want to take Summer to new classes and new places every week. We live in an amazing city for exploring.

Resolution 5: Lean On My Mom Tribe

I’ve made some amazing mom friends, I want to nurture those relationships. I have a tendency to get really introverted and I could easily stay home all week if I let myself. I always feel better (and Summer always feels better) when we get out there and spend time with our mama/baby friends.

Resolution 6: Jam On My Planner

Not so long ago I used to live and die by my planner — that thing has cobwebs now! I think I might have more time to get things done if I were more organized. Plus…I’ll take any excuse to use gel pens and washi tape 😛

Resolution 7: Cut Myself Some Slack

I want to update the blog all the time, wear amazing outfits, have perfectly manicured nails and hair and spend time with my friends, I want to make home cooked meals and listen to interesting Podcasts, I want to travel and find fun new bars, I want to be an amazing mom that feeds her kid things like kale and reads her books…but I also don’t want to lose my mind. So if some days I am in sweats til 9 pm at night and all Summer has had to eat is another bowl of blueberries and her 5th PB&J of the week, I am going to remind myself not everyday is perfect. Tomorrow is a new day to conquer the world!

2 responses to “#MommyMonday: Resolutions for a New Year of Motherhood”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I get so excited when I see a new post!!!! Is that lame?

    Love the new adventures resolution – thats my goal too!!

  2. Bhanu says:

    Great resolutions! Can I ask which planner you use? I can’t stick to one (leather journal, moleskin, google calendar, mommy – family calendar) and it makes me more disorganized 🙁

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