September 15, 2017 • • •  Fashion

Welp, we’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where it’s OFFICIALLY hard to get dressed. Los Angeles is still pretty hot and all I am interested in is clothing with stretch! If you’ve been following the blog for a while, this outfit was actually a favorite from my first pregnancy (you can see it back

August 14, 2017 • • •  Baby + Motherhood  • Fashion

Hi friends, happy Monday! Excited to share this look with you because this top was so affordable and so much cuter than I expected! It stays really hot here in the valley of LA so I wanted to find something not to thick to wear as we transition into fall, but that would still be

August 7, 2017 • • •  Fashion

Well would you look at Summer being a little scene stealer. Hey girl, lookin’ like a tiny gap model, pose down all perfect. 😛 Everything in today’s outfit is super comfortable, and all very affordable (as always, keepin’ it real and on a budget!) My jeans are actually a pale grey, but they were a

August 1, 2017 • • •  Fashion

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Excited to share this easy breezy little dress with you guys today because it is so affordable, so comfy, and pretyy much perfect for these final few hot moments of summer (unless you’re like me and live in SoCal…we still have months of this heat!) The dress, shoes and bag all together

July 19, 2017 • • •  Baby + Motherhood  • Fashion

Happy Wednesday everyone! We shot these photos quickly last night on a family walk. It’s no surprise I love summertime, and my favorite activity in summer is so simple – evening walks. I just LOVE going on neighborhood walks with my family. My husband works a lot so usually by the time he gets home