December 5, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Morning everyone! I spent a ton of time this past week cleaning out every nook and cranny of Summer’s room. I went through every box, every item of clothing, every drawer. It was oddly emotional as I packed up outgrown clothes and lent out toys to friends with fresh new babies. I feel like I

November 25, 2016 • • •  holiday

I am so excited to officially say — HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love Thanksgiving, the hot cocoa, the red cups, the family time, The Christmas music and the Hannukah lights…I love it all! It’s so easy to get swept up in the magic of ornaments, cookie baking, and shopping that it can be easy to forget

October 28, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Happy Friday! Thought I’d write up a quick update on what’s been going on with me and my surgery. I had a mystery bump on my forehead, I’ve actually had it my whole life. (This picture shows me and my bump as a baby, take a look on the left side of my forehead just

August 29, 2016 • • •  Baby + Motherhood
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Hey mamas! Happy #MommyMonday! This week I wanted to talk about getting life to-geh-ther when momming it up to little kids. I feel like it’s such an important topic because the idea of feeling “together” can seem so illusive and well…sometimes it can feel kind of impossible? Before we get started I just have to

August 2, 2016 • • •  Fashion

Summer hugs. There. Is. Nothing. Better. This girl will run up to me and just collapse into my arms. There is nothing I have never experienced anything in my life quite like that. For a wile I felt sad because so many of the yummy moments from those newborn/infant days have ended. We no longer