I swear I am only 15 weeks, I don’t know how this belly is lookin’ so big already! We took these photos on our way out to date night, so these are evening photos which sort of explains it. By the end of the day I have had so much water to drink that my tummy balloons up and I look like I am a million months pregnant. (I already look back to my normal, small bump this morning!)

Also, if you couldn’t tell, I am obsessed with this striped turtleneck. It goes with everything and is just so stretchy and soft (I ordered a few similar ones from Old Navy, too!) It is perfect for layering under sweaters, vests, coats, everything! Plus the stripes add dimension to otherwise pretty basic outfits. To the people at work that must think I never change – I have several of these tops! As a side note, I know Rachel Zoe perfected the look ages ago, but I am so happy to be busting out my faux fur vest once again. Each fall that it’s still on trend I am deeeelighted…not ready to let this cozy style go just yet! xoxo

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