the second time mom’s guide to packing her hospital bag

image1Hey guys!

Welp…I am a cool 2.5 weeks away from my due date, so what better time to share what I am packing this time for the hospital! Truthfully I used my first time guide to help me this time, BUT this time I cut back! The truth is so much of what I brought last time was just totally not needed and never touched (Amit said some stuff he never even got out of the car LOL). So I am hoping this fresh and updated guide will be handy for y’all as I come back at ya with a bit more wisdom than last time (at least I hope!)

Ok so in my last hospital guide (which you can view here) I broke things up into a few categories, which I still found helpful…
husband’s responsibilities
going home


Everything I am bringing for labor itself is going into a small plastic bin (my “labor box”) just like last time. The labor box of last time was a great call so everything I needed in those labor moments were easy for Amit to grab. This way if I need a hair tie or lip balm he wasn’t digging, everything was/will be right there. Here’s what it’s got:

Favorite Pillow from Home – The hospital suggested bringing my own pillow since theirs are only ok. They also suggested a unique pillowcase so it didn’t get mixed up.
Hair Ties + Head Bands – As soon as it’s time to get into the hard work I am throwing my hair up and taking my makeup off. I am not trying to be glammed up while I push.
Makeup Remover and moisturizer
Slippers – my first delivery I spent a long time wandering the halls trying to get labor to progress so the slippers were a good call.
Snacks – I am bringing a few protein bars and granola bars for pre-epidural and if I do end up getting an epidural I also packed a little bone broth since you’re only allowed clear liquids. Bone broth is very nourishing in case I really need some protein post epidural. Outside the box I might bring a box of sparkling water, because I am basic and obsessed.
Lip Balm – I ended up using a lot last time!
Body Oils – Tip from my doula from last time (sadly no doula this time!), they said massage can really help keep you comfortable as you labor.
Wash Cloths – For creating quick and easy cold or hot compresses.
Small Blue Tooth Speaker – I wasn’t into having music on last time, but who knows maybe I will be this time.
Essential Oils + Diffusor – LOVED this last time! I had Amit making me lots of washcloths with eucalyptus to help me feel refreshed while I pushed and it was AWESOME!

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This is the section I have MOST updated because truthfully the hospital had all the unsexy stuff I needed! If you are worried about having tucks and peribottles on hand I have the full list from before here. This is my new, paired down list now that I know the hospital has it all and I don’t want to end up with doubles of everything.

Comfortable Pajamas – Mostly cheapy ones that I don’t mind ruining if blood gets on them, but I am also bringing a cute set for photos. I bought Lunaby Baby for nursing and Belabumbum for robes and cute sets (in the photo above I am wearing Belabumbum which I love!).
Nursing Bras
Post partum girdle — I bought a Bellefit Belly Band to help my uterus go back to it’s normal size. LOVED this last time. Worth every penny!
Nursing Pads
Nipple Cream – LOVE Earth Mama Nipple Butter
Gel Nipple Pads
Perennial Cold Packs – I liked this kind from amazon a lot better than the hospital kind last time.
Prenatal vitamins – I like the gummies from Whole Foods
Towels from home (again, as suggested by the hospital, theirs are tiny so I am bringing one nice big one. After Summer was born a shower really revived me!)

Husband’s Responsibilities

In addition to hubby packing his own bag of clothes and whatnot, I am putting him in charge of a few items…

Birth Plan – If a birth plan isn’t your thing that’s cool. I am printing mine from last time and it’s real straight forward. Basically I want to birth naturally as long as possible and get an epidural if needed, and I don’t want an episiotomy. That’s pretty much it, nothing fancy!
Our Wallets /IDs / Important Documents / Folder for collecting documents they give us after birth
Chargers for all electronics
Camera and Extra Battery

For Baby

Going home outfit – One in a newborn size, one in a 0-3 size + Hat and Bows for photos
2 Swaddle Blankets (they provide, but for any photos we want while there)
Nursing Pillow
Installed car seat

Visitors + Going Home

Ok, once all the laboring is over and we have visitors and the camera out, I would like to be somewhat presentable and comfortable. I know some if this stuff isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. Last time I know I really enjoyed showering and getting my hair and makeup pulled together, so in case I am up for it this time as well I am bringing the following…

Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Normal General Skincare Routine
Soap / Lotion / Body Oil
Hair Brush / Dryer
Curling Iron
Flip Flops
Comfortable Tees / Legging / Comfortable Going home Outfit

It all fits into a small carry-on suitcase and I’ll bring my diaper bag with baby’s as well! Please let me know if you mamas have questions, hope this helps!

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  1. Amanda Sullivan says:

    Great list!!! I noticed that you were not bringing a cooler this time for your placenta! I am toying around with the idea of encapsulating my placenta! Did you not like it? Was it not worth it? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much! Amanda

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