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Happy Wednesday everyone! We shot these photos quickly last night on a family walk. It’s no surprise I love summertime, and my favorite activity in summer is so simple – evening walks. I just LOVE going on neighborhood walks with my family. My husband works a lot so usually by the time he gets home it’s dark and time for Summy to get in PJs, but in summer it is light out so much later and the weather feels warm and just right. We pack up snacks, water, leash up Koshy and strap Summy into her stroller and go for a long walk. By the end Sum usually wants to get out and explore on her own which is always really sweet. She likes to say hello to the trees and tell them she loves them. It’s just a really nice time to catch up and spend together. Amit works so much, so when we get to do this little ritual something about it just feels so cozy. I hope Summy enjoys these memories as she grows older and we make summertime evening walks a tradition. Life is all about the little things 😉

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  1. Lis says:

    I love walks after dinner!

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