Summer’s First Birthday Party!!!

DSC_0757 (1) High Chair Banner by Raw Edge Sewing

DSC_0757 (2)



DSC_0767Beautiful Balloon Tassels from Made by Ilyssa


DSC_0753 (1)

DSC_0752 (1)


DSC_0746 (1)

DSC_0744Banner from Made By Ilyssa

DSC_0744 (1)











DSC_0705Summer’s room all set up for the party! This ADORABLE baby doll was a birthday gift from Little Fox Handmade. We both love this sweet little doll!





WHAT A WEEKEND! I am sad I missed #MommyMonday yesterday, but I was still recovering from such a wonderful, love filled, and memorable weekend.

Summer turned one and I celebrated my second Mother’s Day. Summer’s party was such a labor of love and it turned out to be such a success as we celebrated with so many family members and friends. It felt like one big warm hug as we celebrated our wonderful daughter!

The theme was Summer’s ONEderland, and I wanted the entire party to feel like a whimsical magical bohemian dreamland. We decided to host the party in our small apartment rather than renting out a space which I was admittedly very nervous about. I just wanted it to all feel homey and cozy and I knew I couldn’t accomplish that anywhere but where we live…even if where we live is a teeny city apartment. I was also able to work with so many awesome artisans and vendors to pull the day off (along with a lot of my own DIYing and borrowing a lot of pieces from friends). My absolute favorite pieces of the party are actually still out even though the party was Saturday…I just can’t stand to box some of this prettiness up! Some of my favorite decor was pulled together by Made by Ilyssa and I really wish I had actually worked with her on more of the project! She created the gorgeous “Summer Is One” banner and the balloon tassel. She actually initially made that balloon tassel to be hung WITH the “Summer Is One” banner, but upon setting up for the day I decided that such a sweet banner had a bigger job. I LOVE balloons, so I thought it worked out perfectly. The balloon and tassel are actually still floating around Summer’s room…I told you, I can’t stand to pack it all up! And in fact, the tassels and banner will likely become a part of Summy’s everyday room decor 🙂

There were also plenty of personal touches – I made the smash cake and painted a vintage high chair for Summer. I also made my own tassel banner (I should have had the lovely Ilyssa make them ALL, mine wasn’t half as cute!). The food was from our favorite salad show, the desserts and florals were from Trader Joe’s, and all the serve wear was borrowed from friends or vintage from family!

xoxo, Megan

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  1. Christie says:

    What a gorgeous birthday! This post came at a perfect time as I begin to plan my daughter’s 1st birthday which will also be a boho themed party as well. Happy Birthday to Summy and Happy Mama’s Day to you!

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