October 11, 2017 • • •  Food & Drink
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I posted my pumpkin muffin “hack” on Instagram stories last week and I got so many questions about them, more questions than I have ever gotten on social media about anything! I call it a hack because to call this a “recipe” would just be silly and dishonest. Nothing here is from scratch, it’s a

July 29, 2016 • • •  Food & Drink

Hallelujah, it’s FRIDAY! I swear the air feels different on a Friday. Now that I work mostly at home I don’t often miss office life, but I gotta tell ya…I miss the Friday vibes back at Pottery Barn Corporate. Especially in the summertime. My work wife and I would walk to get iced teas, we’d

August 19, 2014 • • •  Fitness  • Food & Drink

  Hey friends, Happy Tuesday! Some of you may recognize this post and that’s because it’s my detox smoothie from New Years. I am fighting off the extra calories from a weekend full of donuts, fried sushi rolls, ice cream, and breakfast burritos (and guys that’s just for starters, I went nuts) so this smoothie

June 27, 2014 • • •  Fashion  • Food & Drink

Happy Friday chick-a-dees! Guys I am SO excited to share today’s post — it’s chock full of good stuff. 1) a summery watermelon cocktail (yum!) 2) a flirty pink skirt (cha cha cha!) 3) and best of all a giveaway from Bombshell Bar Goods. Let me tell you about Bombshell Bar Goods — it was

February 11, 2014 • • •  Food & Drink  • holiday  • Inspiration  • Lifestyle  • Marriage

We are just days aways from Valentine’s Day and this year (like many years) I am sensing a lot of negativity towards the holiday. Single friends, married friends, somewhere-in-between friends all seem united in turning their backs on the mushiest day of the year. Before we all shy away from the candy and cards, can